Japanese hairdresser




Hair Cut inc. shampoo&blow-dry 

Men's £ 32
Ladies £ 38 
 *very long + £8~
 *under 18yrs £28
Kids hair cut 
0-3yrs £ 13
4-12yrs £ 19
with shampoo +£3
Color inc. hair cut & shampoo&blow-dry 
re-touch £ 83
(within 4weeks-10%)
short £85~
medium £93~
long £104~
very long £117~
Men’s £72~
Highlights inc. hair cut& shampoo&blow-dry
t-section foils £62
1/4 head £95~
1/2 head £118~
full head £140~
long /very long + £20~
Perm inc. hair cut & shampoo&blow-dry
short £88~
medium £95~
long £120~
very long+£15
quick £11
intensive £25
Head spa
Scalp care&massages 
with Japanese product 

Cleansing 30 min £30
Relax  15 min £17
Treat 10 min £12

Shampoo & Blow dry 
£ 24~
very long £35
Iron finish 
without hair cut -£12
without shampoo -£3
 short = above the ear
 medium = shoulder length
 long = below the shoulder length
 very long = chest to waist-length

Opening times

Monday         Closed 

Tuesday         8am-7pm
Wednesday   8am-7pm
Thursday       11am-7pm
Friday             9am-7pm
Saturday        9am-7pm
Sunday          10am-5pm



25th satAM  hiro x/ shiho x
                   PM  hiro x/ shiho x

26th sunAM  hiro x/ shiho x
                   PM  hiro x/ shiho x

28th tueAM  hiro x/ shiho x
                   PM  hiro ◎/ shiho x

29th wedAM  hiro x/ shiho x
                   PM  hiro x/ shiho x

30th thur AM  hiro x/ shiho x
                   PM  hiro x/ shiho x

31st friAM  hiro x/ shiho x
                   PM  hiro x/ shiho x


1st sat AM  hiro x/ shiho x

                   PM  hiro x/ shiho x

2nd sun AM  hiro x/ shiho x
                   PM  hiro x/ shiho x

4th tue  AM  hiro x/ shiho x
                   PM  hiro ◎/ shiho x

5th wed AM  hiro x/ shiho x
                   PM  hiro ◎/ shiho x

6th thur  AM  hiro x/ shiho x
                   PM  hiro x/ shiho x

7th fri AM  hiro ◎/ shiho x
                   PM  hiro ◎/ shiho x

8th sat AM  hiro x/ shiho x
                   PM  hiro ⅹ/ shiho x

9th sun AM  hiro x/ shiho x
                   PM  hiro x/ shiho x

11th tue AM  hiro x/ shiho ◎

                   PM  hiro ◎/ shiho ◎


12th wed AM  hiro x/ shiho ◎

                   PM  hiro ◎/ shiho ◎

13th thur AM  hiro x/ shiho ◎

                   PM  hiro ◎/ shiho x

14th fri AM  hiro ◎/ shiho ◎

                   PM  hiro ◎/ shiho ◎


15th sat AM  hiro x/ shiho x

                   PM  hiro x/ shiho x

16th sun AM  hiro x/ shiho x

                   PM  hiro x/ shiho x







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